"I feel so tall"
i haven't found a melody yet

Watching simpsons in my comfy fob sweater


Need that shirt

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my blood pressure is way too low i’m so dizzy i might pass out send help 


We Are The In Crowd by Ashley Fava on Flickr.

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awww <3 


Cameron HurleyTerry Dobbins

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We Are The In Crowd @wearetheincrowd today in Minnesota #vanswarpedtour Photo:@wearetheincrowd. by Warped Tour on Flickr.

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We Are The In Crowd @ Bazooka Rocks III | by JC Mercado.

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Mad hops from Tay Jardine of We Are The in Crowd | Bazooka Rocks - Manila, Philippines 2014.

Photograph by Sammy Roenfeldt

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